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Pioneer Unveils New CDJ-Zero: A Free CDJ, Pay Only For The Music You Play! -


Pioneer Unveils New CDJ-Zero: A Free CDJ, Pay Only For The Music You Play!







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Pioneer has today unveiled the CDJ-Zero, a groundbreaking DJ deck set to totally change the face of the turntable market forever.

As teased earlier this week, the new Pioneer CDJ-Zero units have dropped with a revolutionary new payment system and a range of brand new features. For the first time in Pioneer’s history, they will be supplying the turntable to the end user free of charge (Hence the name, CDJ-Zero) and will instead make their money selling the music for the unit, which must be downloaded directly from within the unit itself. Music purchased elsewhere will not be compatible with the player, and users will need to repurchase their existing music libraries directly from Pioneer if they want to play it on the CDJ-Zero.

Pioneer’s Head of Marketing, Michael Hunt, commented that Pioneer are simply moving with the times and have taken the CDJ-Zero along the route of the very successful business model Amazon created with their Kindle, whereby the user downloads the content directly from within the unit exclusively from Amazon.

While the new players are seemingly chockfull of new ideas and groundbreaking improvements the major new features on the CDJ-Zero that we’re most interested in and that warrant a bit of discussion include:

-The unit is 100% free to successful applicants, depending on availability. A credit card must be supplied for purchase downloads.
-Download music directly from within the player. Other downloads and past purchases will be incompatible with the CDJ-Zero and will actually lock the unit if downloaded on it it. An unlock code will then have to be purchased directly from Pioneer.
-Burst Sync Mode. This feature sees the evolvement of the SYNC button, whereby the user can SYNC and then mix the next 6 tracks with the touch of one button, leaving the DJ free to dance on stage, crowdsurf, or chat to girls.
-Solar Powered Battery Function. Again to save on costs with the CDJ-Zero, Pioneer have left out the addition of a traditional battery or power supply, instead opting for a greener-option in the form of a solar powered energy pack. This also means the unit costs zero to run, however users may experience problems playing the unit in darkened rooms or at night time.
-Remote Recording. Every set played on the CDJ-Zero will be remotely recorded and uploaded directly into Pioneers new music store, whereby users can then purchase their own mixes to share them with friends.

Obviously the first thing on most of our minds: how can they really afford to give it away for free? Michael Hunt commented “There are plenty of other revenue sources for us with the CDJ-Zero. Sure, the unit may be free but we have plenty of ways to get our money back and have a pretty much guaranteed income from each DJ that uses it. The CDJ-Zero also boasts a game changing in-built advertising feature whereby a 30 second advertisement plays during every DJ’s set, roughly around every 20 minutes or so and in between songs so it doesn’t spoil the vibe in the room. Advertising is big business and so this felt like a natural step for the CDJ-Zero”

What are your thoughts on this new unit from Pioneer? Will you be getting a set? Let us know in the comments below…


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